Blogging a building (19)

If you have visited Gloucestershire Archives since the newly refurbished public area re-opened you will have noticed that we are still a building site. Phase two of the build is now in full swing with the new training suite under construction. We are looking forward to the end of August when all the building work will be completed.

To accommodate the new training suite we had to say goodbye to the Frith Centre, the last remaining HORSA hut on our site. The Horsa Huts were built as temporary accommodation over 70 years ago.

For more about Horsa Huts and why they were built look back to April 2018 

Horsa 1

The Frith Centre

The Frith Centre with the roof stripped off, and then the walls demolished.

A very tall piling rig arrived to drill 18 metre deep holes for the pile foundations. Once they were in place trenches were dug and the concrete poured.

Horsa 6

A beam and block floor was laid, the scaffolding erected and the pre-fabricated walls craned in.

Horsa 7

In less than a day the training room walls were in place.

We are looking forward to the end of August when all the building work will be completed and peace and quiet will be ours once more!

We hope you can come and visit us soon.

3 thoughts on “Blogging a building (19)

  1. I remember the cherry tree at the end of the Frith centre, always loaded with cherries every summer until the roots took over the driveway and the tree had to go. Also remember planting a magnolia in memory of Kate Haslem, wonder if that is still there ?

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