“Let nothing perish” – the Charles Wade archive

Thanks to the patient work of volunteers, the fascinating archive of Charles Paget Wade has now been fully catalogued. Charles Paget Wade purchased Snowshill Manor near Broadway in 1919 to display his growing collection of objects, chosen to demonstrate what he regarded as the “essentials of design, colour and craftsmanship”. By the time of his death in 1956, Wade had acquired more than 20,000 objects, ranging from an ancient Egyptian alabaster pot to different types of clocks, ornate inlaid cabinets to wagons, Samurai armour to early velocipedes – as well as 2,250 pieces of 18th and 19th century clothing and much more besides. He could afford all of this because of the plantations and other businesses he had inherited in the West Indies, especially the island of St. Kitts. Continue reading