Scarcity of news + 1720’s= Poems! Extracts from…

Gloucester Journal

Image from the Journal showing church towers from left to right: St. Mary de Lode, Cathedral, St. John’s, St. Nicholas, St. Michael, St. Mary de Grace and St. Mary de Crypt, 13 April 1724, page 631

I came across an interesting fact whilst reading 1,339 facts to make your jaw drop, published in 2013: ‘In the 1720s, the Gloucester Journal apologised for ‘present scarcity of news’ and offered its readers a selection of poems instead.’ Continue reading

The Gloucester Journal – a pioneering 18th century newspaper

Robert Raikes Snr is best known as the father of Robert Raikes Jnr, one of Gloucester’s most famous sons, who founded the Sunday School movement. Yet the elder Raikes (1683-1757) is equally worthy of recognition for the role he played in developing the regional newspaper industry with his pioneering Gloucester Journal in the early part of the 18th century. Continue reading