Gloucestershire Archives accessions, January-March 2022

We are reinstating a quarterly blog detailing the accessions recently received at Gloucestershire Archives. These can be from any place, person or organisation in Gloucestershire.

Last year, we received hundreds of closed marriage registers from all religious organisations as a result of the Marriage Registration Act. Most of these were received and processed last year but some are still trickling in and so we have been busy continuing to work on processing these. Some are modern marriage registers, occasionally with only a few entries before the book was closed, but some registers go back further and also some places have deposited other material with us whilst they bring in the registers.

The lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, combined with the end of the financial year, has led to a surge in other material being brought in. We have received lots of material from parishes and parish councils, as well as a variety of items for Tewkesbury Abbey from 1931 to the present day, items from local history groups and private individuals, and the start of the community gatherers’ testbed project oral history interviews which have been conducted over the last few months within Gloucester.

Some items within these collections may be closed in accordance with the Data Protection Act and/or if they contain sensitive information. However you can find details of all the accessions, and further information if they have been catalogued, by visiting our website Online Catalogue – Gloucestershire Archives

See the downloadable PDF for information on our recent accessions.

1 thought on “Gloucestershire Archives accessions, January-March 2022

  1. My appreciation for all the efforts being incorporated to maintain and retain the History of Gloucestershire .. Gloucester the City of my birth!


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