How to preserve your family or community archive: the Collection Care Covid-19 lockdown blogs. Blog CC #18


  • Do you have a personal, organisational, local or subject related archive?
  • Have you been following our training blogs?

 Since April 2020, we’ve posted over 20 blogs to help you care for, manage and develop your collection. We hope you’ve found them helpful.  Here’s a quick re-cap of what we’ve covered:



Blog number

Date posted

Introduction & overview


9 April 2020

Writing a mission statement


14 April 2020

Protective enclosures: introduction


21 April 2020

10 agents of deterioration


23 April 2020

Protective enclosures & suppliers


30 April 2020

Action checklist & how to prioritise


12 May 2020

Funding options


19 May 2020

Protective enclosures: which & how to choose


26 May 2020

Protective enclosures: case studies


2 June 2020

Caring for large & “outsize” items


9 June 2020

Caring for books


18 June 2020

Managing the environment


1 December 2020

Emergency planning


3 December 2020

Safe handling & use


17 December 2020

Working with a conservator


22 December 2020

Preparing for digitisation


24 December 2020

Storage and security


29 December 2020

Dissociation (loss of context & meaning)


5 May 2020

Taking in new material (“accessioning”)


4 June 2020

Copyright legislation


14 July 2020

Data protection legislation


3 September 2020

Cataloguing your collection


12 November 2020

Preserving digital records


18 August 2020

Oral history interviews


16 June 2020

So what next?

Although this series of blogs is at an end, we will develop the content into an online resource and a downloadable booklet. 

We plan to set up a Gloucestershire forum network for people within the county who are looking after archive collections.  This could encourage the exchange of information and ideas and provide mutual support.  If you’d like to be part of this group or have suggestions about how it could best be done, please let us know.

We also want to bring our community archive “trainees” together from time to time, whether virtually, or-looking ahead- in person, to celebrate achievement and share progress.  This would include anyone who’s attended our training sessions in person, or who has found our online support, such as these blogs, useful. Watch out for more on this on our website, the Heritage Hub newsletter, and social media.

 Finally, we’d like to encourage you to continue your archiving journey with us by: 

  • Joining our Heritage Hub community: sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.
  • Providing feedback on our blogs; flagging up areas where you need more help and new topics which you’d like us to cover. The more feedback we get, the better and more relevant we can make our support.
  • Looking out for new on-line, or even on-site, Heritage Hub training and support. We’ll advertise new opportunities via our newsletter, website and social media.
  • Sharing what you’ve been doing with your collection by writing something for our blog or the Heritage Hub newsletter or our blog. It doesn’t have to be long or wordy – a picture can speak a thousand words!

You can contact us by emailing


This concludes the series of Heritage Hub core training blogs developed by professional staff at Gloucestershire Archives

 Funded by HLF through the FTR Project. For further information see

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