As one of a group of volunteers, I’m missing our Monday get togethers and am really looking forward to when we can all get back together. But have we been allowed to be idle? OH NO!

That slave driver cum school ma, (so called volunteer coordinator) has continued to organise us! (Can’t she give us a break?). A long respite from ‘you’ve not used the right Archives format’; ’that shouldn’t be a capital letter’; ‘ there shouldn’t be a gap in the item reference’ etc etc ad infinitum… And what has she made us do?

Well, we’re burrowing through really sensational sources like Ancestry, Find my Past, Newspapers online, Directories, even sifting through the Gazetteer. And what for? Well, scraps to do with Charlton Kings! And to use spreadsheets for all our finds. More blankety blank spreadsheets! Says it will be very useful when there’s enough money in the piggy bank to start on Charlton parish for the Big Red Book of Cheltenham. And when will that be?

Oh bother it … I’m going to mow the lawn, tidy the sock draw, vacuum the bottom of the wardrobe, clean the windows, polish the … all of which I did yesterday, or I might …
just have a glass of wine (or several) and eat a whole packet of Hobnobs. I’m over 70 and ‘they’ have written me off anyway!

ANON (email on application to the head mistress


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