New family history resources from Gloucester cemetery, Tredworth Road

Between 1976 and 1987 Gloucester City Council decided to remove a large number of headstones from the chapel side of the old cemetery in Tredworth Road. This was to make maintenance of the grounds easier with machinery.

Advertisements were placed in The Gloucester Citizen asking if relatives objected and headstones marking graves of those who lost their lives in the two World Wars were exempt from the process.

Once this consultation process was complete the inscriptions from headstones identified for removal were recorded in registers prior to their removal. In instances where surviving relatives objected, the headstones were left in place.

Gloucester Cemetery Chapel side compress

Gloucester Cemetery

Gloucestershire Family History Society were given permission recently to photograph all of the entries in the registers, some 2,500 photographs, and then to transcribe those entries into a more accessible format.

Volunteers from GFHS have now completed this task and have constructed a searchable database which shows the transcription on the removed headstone together with details of others buried in the same plot. This project has preserved information which no longer exists by a visit to a burial plot.

You can access this searchable database at The Family History Centre in The Heritage Hub.

4 thoughts on “New family history resources from Gloucester cemetery, Tredworth Road

  1. That is great. I was working away when the notices were made about removing the gravestones and when I went to the graveyard I was horrified to find all my ancestors gravestones removed except one,. I didn’t have a photo or anything as I had only discovered where they were some months previous, my uncle who did know alsomhadnt seen the notices so he was really upset as his mothers grave had disappeared.
    So if there are photos and the inscriptions I shall be delighted.


  2. Unfortunately the headstones were not photographed before removal, simply a transcription of the wording and in many cases a description of the type of headstone/kerbing.


    • Okay.Thanks,,,,it would be good to see the transcripts anyway. Incase I’ve missed something,
      My grandmothers grave was taken away along with a whole lot in the same spot which must have been the family plot,


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