Join us at upcoming Heritage events – Part 2

Our last post announced our History Festival events over the coming week, but there’s much more happening involving the Hub and its heritage partners over the rest of the Festival.  At 14.30 on Friday 7th September Dr John Chandler, a Trustee of the County History Trust, delivers his talk Before the Spa at the Heritage Hub, looking at Cheltenham‘s development from Anglo-Saxon times until the 18th Century.  The event is fully booked though, so please don’t attend it if you don’t already have a ticket.

Image of Gloucester's first royal charter, from the time of Henry II (c.1155)

Gloucester’s first royal charter, from the time of Henry II (c.1155)

The Archives cares for a range of royal charters relating to Gloucester, and these will be on view at Blackfriars Scriptorium between 10.00 and 14.00 on Saturday 8th.  You can also attend an illustrated talk about them in the Buttery at Blackfriars at 11.30 that day.  Again the exhibition and talk are free, but pre-booking is required, quoting reference CV15.

Image of County & Diocesan Archivist Heather Forbes leading an how to read old handwriting class

County & Diocesan Archivist Heather Forbes leading a how to read old handwriting class

Also in Blackfriars Scriptorium on Sunday 9th is the event Hands-on History, how to read old handwriting, in which County & Diocesan Archivist Heather Forbes provides tips on reading handwriting from medieval times until the 18th Century.  The event runs from 10.00-12.00, is suitable for people aged 14+, and costs £7.00.  Pre-booking is required quoting reference CV18.  On the day you should bring warm clothing, a pencil, ruler and torch!

Malc King, chair of our partners Gloucester Rugby Heritage, will deliver a Rugby Club talk and tour, starting in the Legends Lounge at Kingsholm at 13.15 on Monday 10th.  The tour will follow at 14.15.  Tickets are free, but must be pre-booked (reference CV20).

Image of Kate O'Keefe of the Heritage Hub leading an EVOKE session

Kate O’Keefe of the Heritage Hub leading an EVOKE session

You can find out more about the Archives’ EVOKE project, promoting memories, conversations and stories, in a House of Memories reminiscence session at Quedgeley Library at 11.30 on Tuesday 11th.  It’s a free event, but pre-booking is required (reference CV22).

You can join 10 presenters covering a range of aspects of Gloucestershire’s history in the Scriptorium Tag, sponsored by the Victoria County History for Gloucestershire, in Blackfriars Scriptorium from 14.00 on Wednesday 12th.  This is a free event running until 19.00, but you can dip in and out as you choose, and fresh presentations start every half hour.  The presentations run in a roughly chronological sequence covering the medieval period until the latter half of the 20th Century.

Image of Gargoyle of Cathedral monk

Gargoyle of Cathedral monk

There are guided tours behind the scenes at the Heritage Hub at 13.15 on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th.  The tours are free but bookable (reference HO7).  On Thursday 13th you can also join our Great Gloucester Gargoyle Walk, which departs from the Heritage Hub at 10.00 and 14.00, and lasts about 90 minutes.  Binoculars will be useful.  The walk is free but you need to pre-book, quoting reference WO9.

Also on Friday 14th you can join our Lost Churches of Gloucester tour, which departs from St Michael’s Tower at 10.30 and 14.00.  It’s a free tour which will last about 60 minutes, but again you need to pre-book (reference W15).  On the same day you are welcome to join the Cathedral Archivist and Heritage Hub staff at our Ask the Archivist and Calligraphy Demonstration sessions in the Chapter House at Gloucester Cathedral.  The sessions run between 11.00 and 13.00, and 14.00 and 16.00.  They are free and there is no need to book.

There are 2 final events to mention on Saturday 15th, both at the Heritage HubDiscoveries at the Archives, 4 bitesize talks, runs between 10.00 and 12.00.  It’s free but bookable (reference TO2).  Talks are on managing a medieval castle, Dame Joan Cook and the establishment of the Crypt School, the Gloucester City Cycling Club’s 100 years, and the experiences of Gloucestershire Rugby players during the Great War.

On the same day our family event Band of Brothers runs between 11.00 and 13.00, and examines what life would have been like for a soldier in Gloucester Castle.  The event is bookable (reference E02).

Happy Heritaging!



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