Blogging a building (17)

The new Heritage Hub is open to visitors! by Kim Kenny

John panoramic stretched

As with any building work we have had our ups and downs, plenty of mess, noise and unexpected delays, but all that is behind us now and we are very happy as we begin an exciting new chapter in the history of Gloucestershire Archives.

As one of our first visitors commented, ‘the new space is so much lighter and brighter. And, someone has been very clever because there is so much more space. Really good.’  

Another visitor simply said ‘Very swish.’

new secure research area 1new secure research area 2







The new secure research area

New flexible project workspace 1New flexible project work space 2







The new flexible project workspace

Visitor reception desk John with legendJohn GFHS reception desk with legendfamily history room with legend

refreshment area

Refreshment area – more soft seating to arrive

Lockers 1Lockers 2








Lockers…..                                                                    …..more lockers and the toilets


Message from Jane Burns – Director: Strategy and Challenge, Gloucestershire County Council:

“I am really loving my role as Project Sponsor for our new Heritage Hub, based at Alvin Street. The project will be completed a few months later than originally planned. However, phase 1 has been returned to Heather Forbes and the team and I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview.  It will be a shared space for partners and for the public.  The improved light and layout and the whole feel of the place is modern and inviting.”

Ramp non slip 1ramp non slip 2









Building work is still on going and we will have our temporary entrance for a while yet.  We apologise that there will also be no parking on site until September.

Phase 2 will soon begin with the demolition of the Frith Centre and finally the building of the new entrance. Everything will be completed by the end of August 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Heritage Hub.





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