New arrivals on our Catalogue

Volunteers from Cheltenham Local History Society have been producing more detailed lists of a number of local solicitors’ collections, supporting the production of the Victoria County History volume for Cheltenham.  These lists are now becoming available through the online catalogue.  Russell Self, who has been co-ordinating this volunteer activity, takes up the story:

Photograph of Cheltenham Local History Society volunteers at Gloucestershire Archives, July 2016

Cheltenham Local History Society volunteers at Gloucestershire Archives, July 2016

“There is a group of about 15 volunteers, mainly from Cheltenham Local History Society, working on various projects.  Our first task focussed on 58 boxes which comprised the archive of Winterbotham and Gurney (D2202).   We worked through the documents to add in lots more detail to the existing, very basic, listing.

“We then graduated to the much larger archive of Ticehurst and Wyatt , another Cheltenham based solicitors’ firm (D2025).  This comprised 140 boxes in the first tranche and another 137 boxes in the second.  On top of this, we are now working through a related collection of 25 boxes (D3119),  which mainly contain records of The Cheltenham Original Brewery and the Gardner and Agg Gardner family.

“A highlight of our recent work has been the saga of the crash involving a Cheltenham Original Brewery cart and a milk cart belonging to Thomas James.  The crash occurred near the junction of North Street and St Margaret’s Road, Cheltenham between 3 and 4pm in November 1898.  The Brewery horse being badly injured, compensation was claimed.  Liability was denied, and solicitors involved.  The sum claimed for the injury and the horse being unable to work for eight weeks was £10 (D3119/Box3522/Bundle2).

“The map shows the accident site.

Mar 18 blog image 3

“Another interesting find was this card issued by the Brewery to one of its representatives, C H Halliwell. The back has a picture of the Brewery while inside is a ‘Trade Price List’ and a ‘Report on the Brewery Well Water’. (D3119/Mar 18 blog image 2Box3522/Bundle7)”.

Mar 18 blog image 1

As well as this sterling work by the Cheltenham volunteers, some other collections have also recently become accessible at the Archives.  These include the records of Sandoe Luce Panes of Thornbury, estate agents, and predecessor firms (D4855).  Over 1100 detailed catalogue entries for sales particulars of properties mostly in South Gloucestershire have been created by volunteers; the records were given to the Archives  in the summer of 2017 by the owners of Sandoe Luce Panes’ former building in Thornbury, having been found in the attic when the building was being cleared for sale.

Also of interest is a survey of houses and mills in Stroud, 1822 (P320a/VE/1/7).  A full transcript of all the entries has been prepared by a volunteer from Stroud Local History Society.

If your interest is in the city of Gloucester, building control files for the early 20th century were mostly listed by volunteers in 2013, and the few remaining boxes have now been listed onto the catalogue (GBR/L20/2).

Photo of D14649 - final concord. How much can you pick out of it?

D14649 – final concord. How much can you pick out of it?

Finally, amongst our new deposits is this title deed, in the distinctive form of a final concord (D14659).  It presents difficulties both in terms of reading it (it concerns property and land in Hawkesbury, Tresham, Sedle Wood and Kilcott in 1706), but also because it has been wound tightly, so will not lie flat.  Thus our Collections Care team are currently humanely flattening it.


3 thoughts on “New arrivals on our Catalogue

  1. We are following this blog on the other side of the world with interest! Can’t wait to see what else turns up. I’ve specific interest in old Gloucester city (1700s), its businesses, lawyers and publicans. Keep up the great work, its highly appreciated by those who can’t get there ourselves.


  2. Amazing!! I live in Canada and see new records for my Cirencestor ancestors that I can’t wait to get copies of! Thanks for all your hard work!!
    Adair H.


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