Blogging a Building (12)


I recently went on holiday and returned to find a lot had changed in the space of a week.  It was great to see!  So I thought I’d bring you up to speed with what’s been happening since my last post –  hopefully you’ll be pleased too.  Here goes…

Outside, works on our new strong rooms have been coming along nicely.  We’ve been taking sneaky peeks from the back door and are pleased to report the 10 metre deep piles (featured in my last post) are now part of a solid foundation that’s supporting a steel –framed fort.

Concrete foundations being laid

Steelworks in progress

Once the walls have been completed a specialist contractor will construct three internal concrete caves.  These will eventually provide additional specialist storage for our collections.  This set-up is similar to our existing strong room arrangements, which are very sustainable.

Moving indoors, the temporary props that were supporting the ceiling in the new open plan areas have gone, replaced by steel beams.  This means we can see the actual size of the spaces that are to become the new Heritage Hub reception/shared area and the Archives research room/project workshops.

Remodelling to create Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

So what’s next?  Well, the building works will continue as planned and Archives staff are moving on to interior design choices.  We’ll be consulting with a range of people, including experts and volunteers from other organisations that will be sharing the Hub premises with us, to make sure we get things right.  It’s all very exciting!


JS ID photo 2016

Jill Shonk,

Access & Learning Leader




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