Coming soon to an Archives near you

Did you know that the Archives’ site is used for purposes other than just caring for and making available the County’s historic documents? For instance, the Gloucester branch of Gloucestershire Family History Society holds their meetings here once a month, currently in the Frith Centre.  Anyone is welcome to attend, although a small charge is made for refreshments, and you can find a list of the upcoming events at

The Victoria County History Gloucestershire Academy has monthly meetings on site. The Academy comprises the editors of the currently in development volumes of the Victoria County History (Yate and the Sodburys, Cheltenham and Cirencester) and the dedicated team of volunteers who are supporting their work.  The Academy’s meetings provide an opportunity to share experience through a mixture of training workshops, discussion and site visits.  You can find more information about the Academy, and details of how to get involved, at, and follow the links.

A Film Society also meets here once a month between September and June. The Society shows a mixture of cult, art house and international films chosen by its members.  These screenings occur at 6pm, usually on the first Wednesday of the month in the Frith Centre.  The film is preceded by a short introduction by one of the members, and followed by a general discussion about it.  Anyone can join the Society, and it is also possible to attend a screening as a one-off.  There is a charge of £3.50 per head per screening, which is partly to cover the hire of the Centre by the Society, and partly the cost of the annual performing rights licence that is required.  For anyone who would like to become a full member, there is a once only (so not annual) payment of £10.00.  This payment also contributes to the cost of the following season’s licence.  The advantage of being a member is that you can attend multiple or all shows, and suggest titles for forthcoming programmes.

The Society’s new season begins on Wednesday 7th September, and these are the titles this season:

International Gangster Films

Wed 7th Sept – The Sicilian Clan

Wed 5th Oct – Red Quay


Wed 2nd Nov – Rain People

Wed 7th Dec – One from the Heart

Classic War Films

Wed 4th Jan – Gallipoli

Wed 1st Feb – La Grande Illusion

Classic Melodramas

Wed 1st Mar – All That Heaven Allows

Wed 5th Apr – Fear Eats the Soul

Classic 50s B Westerns

Wed 17th May – Seven Men from Now

Weds 7th June – Forty Guns

Illustration of new Heritage Hub

‘3D cutaway’ illustration of the new Heritage Hub (reproduced courtesy of Roberts Limbrick Architects)

When the new Heritage Hub is fully open towards the end of 2017, it will include a purpose built training room, which will seat up to 70 people. We intend that this space will be available for hire by local groups and organisations at competitive rates and that, as a result, an even wider series of events will occur in it.  If you’d be interested in hiring this space, please look for announcements about its availability later in 2017.

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