Our summer plans and what they mean for you

It’s been a busy few months and the project is beginning to gather momentum. We’ve all been beavering away, mostly behind the scenes, to prepare for the planned building work at Gloucestershire Archives’ Alvin Street site. And we’ve been making headway with the project’s programme of activities to help people gather, keep and share local archives.

So what’s happening at Alvin Street?

Our principal contractors, Lakehouse Construction Ltd and their architects, Quattro have been liaising with us to fine tune our building development plans. There will be two phases of construction works.

Phase one is due to begin in September and involves:

  • Demolishing the horsa hut next to the railway track,
  • Developing the main Archives building: three new strong rooms on the southern side and remodelling the westerly end, which encompasses the current Archives research room,

Once this is done (hopefully by early 2017) we’ll be able to move the Archives research room and Gloucestershire Family History Society’s centre into the new facilities.

Phase two will involve:

  • Demolishing the Frith Centre on the north side of the site,
  • Building a new entrance and linked training room,
  • Landscaping the front of the building.

All being well, we’ll have everything done and dusted by the end of 2017. We will then officially launch the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub!

What about using the research room?

As we prepare for construction work we will be decanting collections from the strong room that’s going to become a part of the new Archives research room.  And we will be clearing the existing research room.

We’ve changed the research room opening hours so that we can do this preparation. These new times will remain whilst major building works are ongoing.

The new times include special provision for pre-booked project groups and volunteers to get on with their activities on Mondays and Fridays. From Monday 5 September the research room service will run from the Frith Centre at the current opening times. This set up will stay in place until phase one works are completed.

Parking arrangements during construction:

On-site parking – There will only be space for ‘blue badge’ holders to park on site once the building work starts.

Alternative parking – There are two public car parks within a short walk: in Great Western Road and Hare Lane

You can stay up to date with what’s happening by visiting gloucestershire.gov.uk/archives/news


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