Explore Your Archive: Exploring our heritage

Over the last 5 days we’ve joined archives across the UK to celebrate our collections and activities as part of Explore Your Archive week.

Our journey has taken us through battles for basic rights, to the ways in which our rights and responsibilities have been formalised.  We’ve seen hardship and the search for meaning captured in prose and song.  We’ve heard from those who help us uncover and share the richness of our collections, and about ways in which this material can inspire the creation of something new.

Our documented heritage helps us explore our shared history in so many different ways, it was difficult for us to choose just a handful of stories!  Our collections preserve material from both Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, so touch on every aspect of the historic county’s past – from its social, economic and political history, to changes in its landscape and environment.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough to learn more about the personal and family lives of its residents too.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this special series of mini-blogs and the stories we’ve shared.

We’ll leave you with an impressive estate map from 1716, showing lands and property in Thornbury:

Photograph of map of lands in Thornbury

Estate map from 1716 showing lands and property within the parish of Thornbury [D1655/1]

Photograph of section of estate mapYou might spot that the River Severn, running across the top of the map, is aligned a little differently than we’re used to!  Equally, the surveyor has taken liberties with the size and position of the tiny city of Bristol, in the top corner (you can click on either of these images to make them larger).


“For the Record” is our collaborative approach to gathering, keeping and sharing the documented heritage of local communities in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire. You can find out more about the project by visiting www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/archives/fortherecord.

Most of the project costs are being covered by grants and contributions from project partners, but we are seeking donations too. Please donate online at www.foga.org.uk or in person at Gloucestershire Archives.

Funders and partners

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