Latest book news from Gloucestershire Archives

We have an amazing collection of books about every aspect of Gloucestershire life here at Gloucestershire Archives. I’ve chosen a small selection of my favourite new books we’ve received recently to tell you about in this blog.

Picture of 'Sapperton Canal Tunnel by Graham Hobbs

Sapperton Canal Tunnel

First up is Sapperton Canal Tunnel written by Graham Hobbs for the Cotswolds Canals Trust. This fascinating little book tells the story of the building of the 2 mile long tunnel on the Thames & Severn canal, once the longest tunnel in the world.  What makes this book special is that it was written by the author in conjuction with pupils from Sapperton primary school. They visited the Archives on a number of occasions to do their research and the book is the result of their findings. Beautifully illustrated throughout, featuring many original documents held at Gloucestershire Archives. This book is also available from Gloucestershire Libraries.


Have you ever seen old adverts painted on walls and wondered about the history behind them?

Fading Ads of Gloucester by Chris West

Fading Ads of Gloucester by Chris West

Well Chris West did and has written a book Fading Ads of Gloucester investigating many of the “ghostsigns” to be found in Gloucester. With over 150 colour photographs, this book reveals the history behind the signs, looking at long-gone products such as Sunlight Soap and shops, businesses and pubs that no longer exist in the city. This book is also available from Gloucestershire Libraries.

Extract from Pears of Gloucestershire by

Pears of Gloucestershire by Charles Martell

Gloucestershire is famous for its perry pears and my final choice is a superb reference book which will become the authoritative work on this subject I am sure. Pears of Gloucestershire and Perry Pears of the Three Counties by Charles Martell, catalogues the many species of pears, both ‘lost’ varieties and varieties known to exist in the Three Counties area. This book is beautifully illustrated throughout with pictures, drawings and full botanical descriptions of all the pears included. This book is only available to view at Gloucestershire Archives.

If you’re visiting Gloucestershire Archives make sure you have a look at our new book display which can be found in the search room area.  We also have a changing book display on the shelves in the map room, which is worth having a look at.  The current display is entitled ‘Water, water everywhere’ and features books about flooding and bad weather, including a report of the tidal wave which swept up the River Severn in 1607. Very topical recently!

I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of new books, I hope to bring you some more soon.

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